In Matthew 6:27,

Jesus makes it clear how much good all our angst does us:

Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?

Obviously, the answer is no. So why do we do it? Because we’re afraid to trust God with every area and every hour of our lives. Because anticipating the worst allows us to believe we have some semblance of control; we won’t be surprised when something terrible happens because we've already imagined it and prepared ourselves.

So how do we find our way out?

I believe we have to face our greatest fears in order to reach our greatest potential. And the only way to do this is to allow God to lead you.

If you’re struggling to trust God in some area of your life, I believe you must first identify what you’re afraid of. You can’t know where to start to address it if you’re still pretending it doesn't exist. So admit it. Identify it clearly. Until you do, it will continue to be that elephant in the room, that huge dark cloud hovering over you that you’re not willing to talk about. So do some name calling. Check the label and see the brand of fear you’re wearing.

Once you identify it, then you can surrender it to God. You can commit to trust Him to give you the power to overcome your fear once and for all. Let me clarify this. I’m not saying to just “give it over to God,” and then pretend like it’s not a problem anymore. No, what I’m saying is that you must allow God to give you strength, wisdom, and courage in defeating your fear once and for all.

 Craig Groeschel , Soul Detox